A Step-By-Step Guide To Write An Essay Like A Professional

Do you know that feeling when you have to write an essay and you have absolutely no idea how to start? I do.

It’s really similar to a dream in which you are trying to move, but something keeps you stuck. You don’t know how to free yourself.

You may also think a well-written essay requires a lot of creativity and beautiful words.

All of these things make writing an essay seem extremely difficult.

You may not be the next Shakespeare, but you don’t have to be. Writing a good essay can be done by following a few simple steps.

It may seem a long process and they may sound difficult, but they represent a great guide to writing your essay.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Pick a relevant topic for your homework/assignment
  2. Research, research, research
  3. Note down all the ideas you have in mind
  4. Write the intro
  5. Write the body
  6. Write the conclusion
  7. Leave the title last
  8. Edit the text thoroughly

We will take each step and explain it.

Pick a relevant topic

This step applies if you haven’t already been assigned a topic for your essay.

If you can choose your topic, you have some great advantages.

Think of subjects or aspects related to a subject which interests you. What you like to read or are really passionate talking about.

Let’s say you have to write about the environmental pollution. Because this is a large topic, you may want to narrow it down a little.

You know that plastic is a great contributor to environmental pollution. This can be an excellent topic.

You can write a general article about plastic pollution or you can focus on specific elements such as plastic production (and how it affects the environment) or plastic products and their nocive effects.

Try and let your mind free when choosing a topic.

Research, research, research

I cannot stress the importance of this step. It’s the basis of your entire essay.

A great essay is written using multiple sources. Go for reliable online resources (press agencies, online databases, studies), books, encyclopedias and whatever else you have available.

If you want to have a paper which definitely stands out, go for primary sources: people.

Interview specialists or key people in your niche. Send questionnaires to a specific audience to see what’s their opinion on a certain topic.

The more sources you have, the more perspectives you can present.

Note down all your ideas

Write down everything that crosses your mind.

It can be an argument supporting your thesis or a counter-argument.

Take a pen and write them on paper or directly on your computer. This is an essential aspect.

Don’t just keep them in your mind. You may not remember all your ideas. Also, writing them can inspire you and make you come up with new ideas.

Do you already feel overwhelmed with these steps or lack the time to go through all of them? If that’s the case, it’s probably better to let the essay writing service professionals take care of your essay.

Write the intro

The first words of an essay are probably the most difficult to write.

The introduction has the role to attract the reader’s attraction. You can use a question, statistics or a quote to begin your essay.

Going back to our plastic pollution example, here is a sentence we can use to begin such an essay.

Did you know that in the US only 2% of the plastic bags used by citizens are recycled?

This is a combination between a question and a statistic.

Think of what would make your reader tick and continue reading your essay.

Write the body

The body presents all your arguments, counter-arguments, and explanations related to your topic.

In order for your paper to be a pleasant reading, it has to follow a certain structure. You can focus on presenting general information or on supporting a thesis. This is an aspect you will decide from the beginning.

Each paragraph will sustain one argument or present one fact.

When writing your sentences, try and keep one idea per sentence.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion sums up the main ideas you presented in the essay.

Write 3-5 sentences that put emphasis on what you already discussed and bring closure to the reader.

Leave the title last

The title is the essence of the entire paper. This is why I write it last.

I know what are the most important aspects in the paper and know how to combine them in a catchy headline.

Write at least 3 versions (the more, the better) and choose the one which suits your essay.

Edit the text thoroughly

In journalism, top reporters have a golden rule when it comes to editing their texts.

After they finish it, they leave the text for a couple of hours or for the next day before they do any changes. This helps them see all their mistakes and edit it thoroughly.

I know you may not have an entire day for an edit break, but don’t edit it right after you’ve finished it.

Take a break, go for a walk, eat something, watch a funny video. It will help you edit your essay the way it needs to be done.

You can even ask a friend to look over it. A second opinion can be a great help and a true inspiration.

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