How To Save Your Time And Money By Hiring The Right Content Writer For Your Blog

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How hard is it to find the right content writer for your blog and save your time and money?

The answer may depend on the definition of the word “right.” Maybe it makes you think of a hard-working person, a really focused or a highly experienced one.

I’m going to answer this for you and say right refers to someone who can handle a blog from top to bottom. This includes topic research, SEO, content writing and other necessary aspects.

Why it’s so important for one person to handle all the work?

I’ll give you two big reasons: it saves you time and money.

Having a content writer who will fully manage your blog can bring great benefits to your blog and business, in general.

Let me tell you all about a blog writer and how having such a skilled person helps you month after month.  

Writing amazing content

This is basically his main job.

A great content writer will follow these golden rules:

  • Always write for your audience
  • Establish the purpose of the article before you start writing it
  • Find a catchy descriptive title - it’s one of the crucial parts of the text
  • Place a Call-To-Action at the end of each post to increase engagement of your audience
  • Take a break before editing the final draft to correct all mistakes

Well-written blog posts have a clear tone and style adapted for your target audience. Their content is informing and engaging, making sure the readers find the information they're looking for.

Are you looking for amazing content and well-written articles for your blog?

Research a relevant topic

Finding an attractive topic or a new perspective on a subject is something you can hardly do in a few minutes. Sometimes it can take a while.

A full blog content writer understands this and takes his time to find the right topic for your blog.

You don’t have to explain him every time what your blog is about and what content it needs.

Research low competitive keywords - an SEO golden rule

The keyword is basically the essence of the entire blog post. Every single idea focuses on it.

Having a keyword or a key expression is beneficial not only for the content writing, but also for SEO purposes. You want your blog to be in the top positions in Google search engine results.

The process of searching for the right keyword has several steps:

  • Researching through multiple sources (articles on a topic, products, studies)
  • Looking for search data about a keyword or expression using certain tools (e.g. Google Keyword Tool)
  • Searching for and analyzing the competition on the same keyword

A content writer with full blog management experience understands the importance of each step and will go through each of them.

The chosen keyword will be relevant to your niche, with low competition and sought by online users.

What’s also crucial here is the usage of your keyword. You want it placed in top positions such as the title, subtitles, the first paragraph, the link of the article and spread all over the text. This can considerably improve your ranking in Google on that specific keyword.  

A writer who understands the SEO part can save you precious time and money. He writes the content and optimizes it, basically doing the job of two people in the same time.

WordPress knowledge is a must

Your content writer does not have to know the entire platform by heart, but he has to know how to arrange the text (headlines), media used (images, videos, charts) and use a few plugins (e.g. SEO plugin).

When you work with someone who can handle these things without any problem, you don’t have to constantly check your blog posts or re-edit them.   

Boosting your SEO ranking with internal linking

Internal linking is another action important for SEO purposes. It involves linking blog posts (from your blog) one to another.

It’s not a hard thing to do, but you need to pay attention to the keywords and expression on which you place the links. You may want to use words related to your current post and to the one you are linking to.

A full blog manager knows how to do this and understands the role it plays for your blog.

Making use of royalty free images

The image complements your story.

You may think only high-quality custom images can bring you great results and think you cannot afford them. At least, not constantly.

A great blog manager does not need a photographer. He knows that royalty free images from FreeStock websites are enough (if not, paid photo stock subscriptions should be). Many of them are free, so he can use high-quality photos for editorial and commercial purposes.  

Interested in having quality articles for your blog?

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