[Study Case] A Simple Marketing Funnel To Get More Clients To Your Copywriting Business

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How would it be like if you had a plan that could increase the number of your new customers with at least 10%? It sounds like a nice promise, but we put in place a system on reaching highly qualified prospects and convert more of them into clients of our service.

Imagine that you are a small copywriting business. You provide blog content and article writing services. One of the greatest difficulties you face is due to the highly competitive market you are part of. It becomes hard for you to find new clients in a space where you are competing with big players. However, it is not impossible.

As a small business, you need to learn how to become a strong character in the eyes of your potential clients. People choose to work with businesses that are trustworthy, experienced and that offer quality services. These are the most common criteria that you may have heard of. However, there is one more aspect that determines whether a customer will choose to work with you or not: your personal brand and your marketing/sales abilities.

People are looking for capable businesses to work with. But what they really want are people to start a great and pleasant collaboration.

How do you become a business with a strong image that can get more clients easily? At KingEditor, we have developed a funnel that might give you some inspiration and help you with growing your copywriting business.

Prospecting highly qualified leads

We understand that the relationship between us and our clients is crucial to the business. This is why we pay very much attention at how we choose the people we work with.

As part of finding new clients, we use UpWork as a place to look for highly qualified prospects. It is a freelancing platform, where freelancers and businesses interact and start collaborations. The process of searching for jobs is the following:

1. Apply for jobs in which we have experience

We learned that one of the key elements to success is to apply to jobs in which we have knowledge and experience. Our expertise includes blog content and social media content management. Therefore, we search for people who are asking for these aspects in their job description.

We choose to apply for jobs that we are familiar with because of two main reasons: we care about our customers’ experience with us and we care about our reputation. Our mission is to offer high quality content writing services. Thus, we can offer the best experience in a domain we are experts. This is one of the most important rules we follow when it comes to the jobs we take.

2. Write a great cover letter and apply for the job

After we have found the job that suits us, we start working on the cover letter. This element represents our best ticket to the job. We explain why we are the right content writing agency for the job and why people need to work with us.

We start our cover letter by presenting ourselves. We know that people want to work with people. This is the reason why the agency founder introduces himself with his name, a personal interaction. Also, as you can see below, there is a ‘from‘ URL. Why? Here are the reasons why we do this:

  • We want them to find out more about us by clicking the URL and visit our website; this way we prove we exist online and get them into our remarketing funnel
  • From the branding perspective, we raise awareness about our brand in relation to the services the client is looking for
  • The brand name creates an impact on the reader. It illustrates the idea of a specialized and trustworthy content writing agency.



The next step is to present them a short description of who we are and what we do. We summarize this in maximum 4 phrases. What is important in this step is the mood we transmit to our prospects. People who are enthusiastic and excited to start working on a project enjoy what they do  and more likely to deliver great results. Also, it is human nature to want to work with someone who transmits a positive energy.


We always tell people we are the right agency to do their job. This is not a form of bragging. We are confident in our content writing experience and we share it with our prospects.


Another golden rule that we respect is that we always prioritize our work examples according to the job we apply for. Let’s take a look at the following situation. If we apply for a job that asks for weekly blog posts in the beauty niche, we will show them the blogs we manage in that specific niche.



Another technique we use is to provide them a link to our sales presentation. With a simple click on the link, they have a detailed description of our business and samples of the work we have done.


3. Guarantee the safety of our clients

We know that people are very skeptical when they start working with someone new. No matter how experienced you are, there will always be a sign of doubt regarding the quality of your services. This is why we have adopted a tactic to earn their trust and break this barrier. If our customers are not satisfied with the work that we do, we offer them 100% their money back for the initial agreed work.

Our aim is to grow a strong and trustworthy business image. A part of the reputation of a company is formed of what people say about that company. We want our clients to have a pleasant and professional experience with us.

4. Choose the right clients to work with

It is important for us, as a business, to work with clients that we can trust as well. We have experimented with different techniques and decided to share the ones that taught us how to value our prospects.

Free trial

In the beginning, we offered a free trial for our customers to see how we work. We asked for a topic and we wrote an article on it for free.  The problem for us was that this created an open door for clients that were not serious about working with us and scammers. It was very easy for them to refuse to pay us or to continue working with us.

100% money back

We analyzed the “Free trial” technique results and realized that we needed a commitment from them. Now, our approach is different. We ask our clients to create a milestone on an initial small task for a specific sum of money that we agree with. If they are not satisfied with our work, we will simply refund 100% the milestone.

What is different in this strategy is that it helps us see who are the people who really want to work with us. It is a time-efficient technique that helped us understand better the market and our target audience. We need a commitment from our clients to filter the scammers and the non-serious ones.


At KingEditor, we understand that every person that visits our website is a potential client. We know that sometimes we need to put a little more effort in converting a highly qualified prospect into our client. This is the moment when remarketing comes into discussion.

In order to bring people back to our website, we retarget on Facebook all people who have landed on KingEditor.com

We created a series of 3 Facebook ads. Each had  a different message and played a specific role in the entire funnel. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The first ad


The first ad targeted people who visited KingEditor.com, clicked none of the other two ads described above and left without purchasing any service.

It emphasizes one of the services that we offer: content marketing. Due to the fact that people are interested in great results, we focused on the benefits of this service.

The ad basically answers the question that businesses ask: “Why do I need it?/Why is it good for my business?

The most important aspects of this ad are:

  • Consistency in the message
    The description, the text in the image and the tagline contain the same message: grow your business. People need to know that our services offer them the best long term results. This is the solid reason for them to work with us.
  • Consistency in the design of the image
    The image occupies a great amount of space of the entire ad. It needs to be a pleasant element. Therefore, we matched the colors from the photograph with the ones from the right background. It creates continuity and gives it a natural look.
  • Clear call to action
    The call to action message in this ad is the following: contact us. It is included in the description, the image and the ad button. We want to make clear the step our audience needs to take.
  • Business logo and photograph
    The photograph of the agency founder and the logo of the business are elements that define our brand. They are meant to make people trust us and to make it clear to them who we are.

   The second ad


The second ad targeted the people who clicked on the first ad but did not purchase our service. We decided to add another service that we offer: social media. For this ad, we changed the approach a little. We highlighted the idea of benefits and results that do not appear. 

Furthermore, we introduced an expression that completely transforms the situation: “you have been doing it wrong“. This puts KingEditor in the position of an expert and it is exactly what people must know about us. We can identify their problems and know how to solve the issues in order for them to see results.

In what concerns the call to action, there were two actions that we encourage people to take: contact us and hire marketing experts.  It made it very clear that they should contact us if they wanted marketing services.

The third ad


The third ad targeted the people who clicked on the second ad but did not purchase our service. Due to the fact that this ad was created for people who already expressed interest in our agency, we decided to make it more complex. 

First of all, we included a detailed presentation of why businesses do not have their blogs and social media profiles updated and a few reasons why they need to do the opposite. Not only does this help people understand the importance of blogging and social media, but it also shows our experience in the field. 

We included a 10% discount for all of our services. Thus, we provided an additional incentive for them to choose to work with us.

Landing page

The landing page is the place where most of our highly qualified prospects end up after reading our cover letter or clicking the ads. We wanted to create a great ‘landing’ space with useful information.

We believe that the secret of a great landing page stands in the following must-have elements:

  • pleasant design
  • emphasized benefits of the offered products or services
  • photographs and a short presentation of the team members
  • contact details

We hope these insights from our experience with KingEditor will give you some inspiration to get more clients for your copywriting business. Remember to adapt these techniques to your business values and mission.

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